Taylor-made Pet Sitting Service
Barbara Taylor Siefken - Professional Pet Sitter
I have always had a passion to care for animals. I am retired military and I have traveled many places with my pets.  All of my life, with the exception of the first ten years of my military career, I have always had pets. There were many times when I wanted other alternatives to boarding my pets in local kennels. This business was born due to my faith and vision to provide in home pet care and my love for animals.  I have taken my experiences and designed this business to fit the needs of individuals who desire for their pets to remain at home in familiar surroundings.
I am a member of Pet Sitters International (PSI), National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS), Professional United Pet Sitters (PUPS),  and Pet Sitters Associates, LLC (PSA).
Our services are designed to take the worry out of your time away from home.  We provide pet care in your home, along with basic vacation security and a variety of house sitting duties. Generally we will come to your home 2-4 times a day or as needed.  During that time I can walk your pet, turn them outside, or exercise them.  I will play with your pet as well as feed and provide water for them.
I give the house the appearance of being "lived in" by bringing in the mail, flushing the toilets to change the water meter, rotating lights, watering plants, and putting out trash.
The benefits of this are that your pets stay in familiar surroundings, with familiar diet and exercise.  There is no travel trauma and minimal possible exposure to illness from other animals.  Your pet is at home when you return. This alleviates the possibility of your pet having to remain in the kennel another day if you return when your kennel is closed.  I practice high standards for cleanliness, and I strive to leave your home clean and organized. 
Presents for Pets
This is a nationwide program designed to assist in the well being of shelter animals. This program is conducted annually in support of National Animal Shelter Appreciation week.
The goal of Presents 4 Pets is to improve the quality of life for the shelter pets and ease the financial strain of the shelter. To develop public awareness of the needs of sheltered pets and to seek and assist in the collection of donated pet supplies.
Items needed:
toys, treats, blankets, towels, washable rugs, beds, bleach, leashes, collars, sweaters, blankets, dawn detergent, cat litter, puppy and kitten food, and any other pet items.
If you would like to donate any items please contact us for pick up.
We provide services that fit your needs!